POWER SLAM ONLINE is the home of Findlay Martin, wrestling eBook author and former editor of Power Slam: The Wrestling Magazine.

Findlay started watching professional wrestling in the second half of the 1970s on Saturday afternoons on ITV. This was the age of Kendo Nagasaki, Marty Jones, Jim Breaks, Steve Grey, Johnny Saint and, of course, Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.

As far as he can recall, British wrestling (that is, Joint Promotions) was screened at lunchtime as part of World Of Sport, hosted by the effortlessly genial Dickie Davies. Everyone else insists wrestling went out at 4:00 p.m. or before final score during this era. He has no recollection of this.

Findlay does recall that Dickie Davies gave pro wrestling considerably more respect than his Saturday afternoon successor Elton Welsby, who could not conceal his scorn each time he introduced WCW’s Worldwide broadcast after it had secured a Saturday afternoon time slot on ITV in 1992. F.M. remembers watching with amusement as a ferocious Cactus Jack appeared in the studio with Elton, and the host’s demeanour was rather less derisory. Conciliatory, one might say.

Findlay discovered American wrestling proper in 1988. It was while watching a VHS tape recording of Demolition’s match against Strike Force at the WWF’s WrestleMania IV that he became hooked.

Entering the magazine business in October 1988 as a paste-up artist, camera operator and typesetter, Findlay was given the editorship of a new wrestling magazine just over three years later. That he had never written anything before, on any subject, did not deter him from the task ahead, and the first issue of Superstars Of Wrestling hit newsagents’ shelves in the United Kingdom, Ireland and other countries in January 1992.

With business partner and future WCW Magazine editor Colin Bowman, Findlay purchased Superstars Of Wrestling from publisher Martin Higginson in 1994.

Together, Colin and Findlay relaunched SOW as Power Slam. The first issue went on sale on July 28, 1994, six days after Vince McMahon had been acquitted in a Uniondale, New York courtroom of conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids, and 11 days after Hulk Hogan had captured his first WCW World title at Bash At The Beach in Orlando, Florida.

There were 237 issues of PS in total. For many years, it was the best-selling wrestling magazine in the U.K. But as the 2000s rolled on, the way in which the public consumed their information changed. The proliferation of free and up-to-the-minute content available online and via social media had a ruinous effect on the magazine industry.

With sales in terminal decline, Findlay eventually made the decision to close the magazine in July 2014, 20 years to the month after the first issue had been published, featuring 1994 King Of The Ring winner Owen Hart on the cover.

Post-PS, Findlay immersed himself in his first eBook project, Pro Wrestling Through The Power Slam Years: 1994-2014. Published in September 2015, The Power Slam Years was sufficiently well-received that he decided to write a second, The Power Slam Interviews Volume 1, which saw the light of day in July 2016.

His third and final wrestling eBook, The Power Slam Interviews Volume 2, was published on March 18, 2017.