Coming Soon: The Power Slam Interviews Volume 2

THE POWER SLAM Interviews Volume 2 will be available in March from Amazon and iBooks.

Interviews Volume 2, my third eBook, will feature previously published interviews with the following:

Brian Pillman (1996)

Diamond Dallas Page (1998)

Samoa Joe (2005)

Bryan Danielson (2006 and 2008)

Brock Lesnar (2007)

Harley Race (2008)

Randy Orton (2008)

A.J. Styles (2008)

Triple H (2009)

Stephanie McMahon (2009)

Mike Bucci (2009)

New Jack (2012)

Nigel McGuinness (2012 and 2013)

Sean Waltman (2013)

Plus many more. Each previously published interview comes with a new introduction.

In addition, The Power Slam Interviews Volume 2 will include new interviews, recorded in 2016, with Matt Hardy, Colt Cabana, Daffney, The Honky Tonk Man and Revolution Pro Wrestling promoter Andy Quildan, along with other unpublished material.

This will be the last in The Power Slam Interviews series, and my final book to bear the Power Slam name and logo.