New website coming soon . . .

HELLO AGAIN. AS you can see, still exists. It will continue to do so as a signpost to, the website I am building to promote my published works and next eBook project — Packing It In: How And Why I Quit Smoking — along with my services as a writer and editor.

I will also be writing a biweekly blog on the forthcoming site in which I will opine on television programmes, film, popular culture and topical events. Wrestling will receive a mention as well.

In the first blog, for instance, I have penned an item about Dave ‘Batista’ Bautista’s turn in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 in which I contrast the reaction to Dave’s Drax in my local cinema with the response in arenas to Dave’s WWE comeback in 2014.

Batista’s WWE return as a babyface was greeted by resentment and hostility. It was all so avoidable. WWE chose nostalgia over innovation in 2014, and everyone lost.

When most look back on Batista’s WWE career, they evoke memories of the brooding muscleman. But for six months from December 2009-May 2010, Dave was a very different, erm, animal.

Showy and narcissistic, Batista’s dramatic reinvention as Skinny Jeans Dave in WWE was a hoot. Not only was the new character a revelation, there was so much still for it to achieve when Dave returned to the company four years later.

As the self-absorbed Sunglasses Indoors Dave from 2009-2010, Batista oozed charisma and was a source of endless amusement. Did this persona win him the role of Drax? Maybe. Anyone who recalls Dave’s delightfully self-deprecating heel run seven years ago will not be the least bit surprised by how riotously entertaining he was in Guardians 1 and Vol. 2.

I’m planning on launching the new site in two weeks when I return from holiday.

IN THE MEANTIME, please listen to my first podcast with Kenny McIntosh for Inside The Ropes: Next week’s podcast is prerecorded because I will be away. We return with a brand new podcast on June 2 in which Kenny and I will deconstruct Backlash, preview Extreme Rules and more.

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Findlay Martin